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My name is Jeremy Hartley. I recently found this list, and I must say, I am really happy for the list and archives!


I was an Apple IIgs user several years ago. A few years back, I used the mess apple IIee emulator and enjoyed messing around with games from my childhood.


Fast-forward to today, and I now have a working Apple IIgs with Echo synthesizer. Unfortunately, due to moving several times in the last few years, all of my disks were gone! 😊

I just finally got a few disks transferred using ADTPro, so now my IIgs talks once again. That was quite fun, transferring disks for the first time with no sighted assistance, but now the Apple is jabbering away and I am going through and transferring disk images like crazy to my Apple! 😊



I just wanted to quickly introduce myself, and I look forward to reading posts on this list and reading archives. As a side note, I am currently putting together a podcast for blind and VI developers/programmers, and there will be a sister podcast that will discuss the history of blindness technology. Of course, the Apple plays a huge role! 😊


Jeremy Hartley


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