[Blindapple] books and manuals

Jeff Weiss jeff-weiss at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 28 14:12:04 EST 2018

I added a new folder to the 
Talking Apple Archive on dropbox.
These books, etc. are all text files which can be read with notepad or any other program that can read textfiles.
I believe these are all available from the internet so they can be freely shared.  If somebody finds this is not so for a particular title, please let me know.
the titles are:

a Complete Guide to Using ADT for Apple-PC file Transfers.txt
A_Short_History_of_the_Apple II.txt
Apple Confidential 2.0.txt
Classic Computing Book.txt
Compute's First Book of Apple.txt
DOS Manual.txt

They are not perfect, but I did some formatting on some of them.
Jeff Weiss

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