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Thanks Jeff. But just to clarify then: you can read data on drive 2 (I definitely remember doing this of course, especially with Bex), but not run programmes? I understand that drive 1 is always the boot drive; just wondered if you could boot from the prodos talking master in 1, and then run the programmes on 2. 


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With the aTalkMasterPro in drive 1, and the prodos issue of Apple Talk—17 through 20 in drive 2, start the emulator.

A program menu will come up. Choose A.T.Reader.

The Prodos A.T.Reader will ask you to enter a prefix or drive number.

Just press 2 for drive 2 and press enter.  You will be able to read all of the textfiles on that drive.

You can put aTalkGames or any other ProDos disk in drive 2 and read whatever textfiles are there.


Jeff Weiss




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Hey everyone.


I was just looking through the disks for apple talk, and wanted to investigate atalkgamespro.dsk. I noticed there’s a prodos textalker boot disk; I understand that not all disks include textalker because it takes up a good number of sectors and you only have so many to play with on a disk. What I am wondering is, do I have to boot from the textalker pro disk, and then switch disks, using the method described in the read me file with the emulator? Or is there a way I could have it read the image from –flop2 and run the programmes from that? I am trying to recall my own Apple days and I can’t say I ever remember running anything from the second disk drive; it seems like it was for data purposes only. So, am I correct in thinking the only way to access these non-talking disks is to exit the emulator and “switch” disks in drive 1?


Thanks again.




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