[Blindapple] Apple Talk Reader?

JM Casey crystallogic at ca.inter.net
Thu Oct 19 13:02:21 EDT 2017

Heya. Sorry for what amounts to a real newby question, but how does one
actually get this programme to read a text file? I've got to the list of
articles on disk, and can select them with the arrow keys. Once I do that,
though, silence. I've tried moving the cursor around with the arrows, but
hear nothing. I went into review mode to see if for some reason there was
text on the screen which Echo hadn't spoken. Nothing. What am I missing
here? I know there's an "about apple talk reader" file on many of the disks,
but at this point, I would need to use Apple Talk Reader to read it! I
honestly can't remember at all how I used to read text files on the 2 e; I
know it wasn't Apple Talk Reader because I never had any issues of this
magazine, though I remember being a bit curious about it. Might have used
BEX actually.






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