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Jeff Weiss jeff-weiss at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 11 14:14:28 EDT 2017

Attached is 
This is an index of articles from various Apple Newsletters and magazines.
I have also added this to Dropbox, Talking Apple Archive, Periodicals, Apple Source folder.

  The Readme text follows:

AppleSource is a database of apple articles.
It has 45 data files, and asks the user to change disks at the end of searching each disk.
With the emulator, this is difficult to do;
so I made some changes:

1.  There are now 4 data disks which will not boot.  Start your talking disk in drive one and put AppleSource1.dsk in drive two.
run hello to be prompted for the search words you want to look for.
2.  Each disk has the three programs on it needed to search, and the data files were renumbered so that
each disk has files as follows:
disk 1: 1 through 14
disk 2: 1 through 14
disk 3: 1 through 14
disk 4: 1 through 3

3.  If you wanted to search the entire database, you would have to do it on each of the four disks--and all of the files are different--45 unique data files.
4. I suggest using some punctuation to get past all the stars and such.
5.  When you are prompted to insert the next disk to continue the search,
just press enter and you will be back in basic.

    Jeff Weiss
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