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I've been looking into this magazine a bit more. It ran until June, 1993
but no disks seem to exist after April, 1989. Apparently the disk images
are hard to come by and have been requested. The archives on asimov are
technically more complete, but aren't in disk image form and were sold
in 1989 as a package. What you have here with your original disks is of
historical value. I've extracted the text files of the updated versions
and will post them eventually. The shrinked archives have a ton of
programs not on the disks. There are two issues from 1989 in their own
archives which have a lot more programs than what would fit on a
standard 140 KB disk. All of the issues exist in PDF files but are page
images only. I suppose someone could do OCR on them. I'm eager for any
more disk images after April, 1989.

On 2017-10-07 14:49, Jeff Weiss wrote:

> Attached is 
> Oa3MoreIssues.zip 
> These three disks contain Open Apple issues for 
> April, 1988, 
> June, 1988 
> and 
> February, 1989. 
> These can be read with my Menu reader program but they are huge files, and take time to load.  Menu Reader will read them in four chunks. 
> These three disks have also been added to the 
> Talking Apple Archive on Dropbox. 
> Jeff Weiss 
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