[Blindapple] copying fid to another disk

Blake Roberts beroberts at hughes.net
Sat Jun 17 21:21:16 EDT 2017

Thank you Jayson. I successfully copied fid from echocric.dsk to games7.dsk.




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It sounds to me like you're not specifying drive 2's disk correctly. Also, I
don't think there's a games6.dsk included with Messapple unless you found
one on your own. You probably want games7.dsk.

To test this out, start the emulator as normal, with both disks specified.
When you get to an Applesoft prompt, type the following command

The ,D2 specifies drive 2. If you get an I/O error, nothing is in drive 2.
If you get a catalog for drive 2, everything is working correctly. Now issue
the following command:

You need the ,D1 to tell it to use drive 1. Now in FID, specify copying
files from source slot 6, drive 1, to destination slot 6, drive 2.

If you're on a PC, there's actually a much easier way than using FID within
an emulated Apple. You can download a program called CiderPress at
http://a2ciderpress.com which will help you with this and many more tasks.
CiderPress can read, write, create, import, export, etc. from/to/between
Apple disk images.

Hope this helps,


On 6/17/2017 7:32 PM, Blake Roberts wrote:

I want to copy fid to another disk. I specified the second disk using
appropriate parameter in mess. When I go into fid and try to copy it to the
second disk games6.dsk, I receive an i/o error. How do I copy the program to
disk 2?

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