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I'm wondering the same, especially with the disks in the disk library articals. Thouse would be cool to have!
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  Thanks, as always, for these. Do you plan to image other disks once Apple Talk is done?



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Attached is 
These are the 1988 issues of aTalk with a short description of what is on each disk.

               A-Talk #13, February, 1988
Transwarp Accelerator Card--hardware review
Cooling Down My Apple--hardware review
External Speaker--hardware review
Where can I Find--article
Lower Case DOS Commands--article about modifying DOS
Lower--the DOS patch
The ProDOS Type Command--article
Type--added ProDOS command
Music Box Dancer--music program
Factor Game--game
Wompus 2--game
Chemist--educational game
Memory Dump--utility

                  A-Talk #14, May, 1988
Sensible Speller Review--software review
Basic Differences--article about the two basics
Using Ram Works and Text Writer--how to article
The DOS 3.3 Motor Delay--article
The ProDOS Copy Command--article about adding command to ProDOS
Copy--external ProDOS command
Mad Libs--game
Dog Bite--game
Var Display--utility
Free Space--utility
About Address--program explanation
Eamon Adventures--list of DOS 3.3 Eamon adventures

                A-Talk #15, August, 1988
About Textalker--article about speech program
A-Talk Survey--reader survey
The Apple 2 Plus Computer--hardware review
Did You Know--article
GS Peeks and Pokes--article
Memory Challenger--game
Day of Week--calendar type program

               A-Talk #16, November, 1988
Colomns.doc--article explaining programs
Columns--DOS 3.3 utility
Columns.pro--ProDOS utility
Input without Typing--article about other input methods
Disappearing Rem Statements--programming technique for Basic
Federal Employee Needs Help--article
Survey Results--readers thoughts and suggestions
French Military Game--game
Calorie Counting Program--program
Reel Facts--database of academy awards
National Anthems--music program


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