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I'm replying to myself. After the fact, I realized maybe sending a big
attachment to the list wasn't the best idea, but I was in a hurry and
wanted to get it out there. I'm planning to make some small changes and
upload it somewhere more permanent. The nice thing is you only have to
download a small file to update; not the full package. Yes, I realize
that I released it under an open source license without the source. I
forgot to copy it. I have to write a help file among other things. One
feature I like is that it remembers the last disk you had in the virtual
floppy drive, but only until you close the program. I'm hoping to make
it permanent between runs and to have a recent files list like other
programs. I mostly wrote it for myself because I got tired of entering
super long filenames and making silly mistakes in the command line.
Hopefully it's useful for others as well. 

Note to Jayson and anyone else archiving this stuff: Don't bother
keeping this file around too long. It's at least going to have a version
number change and new upload with the source shortly. I'll switch to a
scheme like MAME, so 0.002 instead of 0.2. Also, I wrote it to be
useful, not pretty, but it should work. This is my first attempt at GUI
programming. The last serious program I did was with GW-BASIC in around
1995. The code is ugly and needs work, but that's why it's open source.

On 2017-07-30 11:07, Tony Baechler wrote:

> See attached. What you have is called SAG, or Simple Accessible / Apple GUI. It requires either MAME or MESS to be installed and working. It's up to the user to make sure the ROMs are present. There is currently no help file, but it should be obvious. I tried to make it as bulletproof as possible, but it needs lots of testing, especially on Windows other than XP. If you try to run the emulator without setting up the INI file or selecting a disk for drive 1, you're told about this and given the chance to do the setup. I tested it several times and it worked fine for me. The only serious bug is it doesn't delete the temporary batch file when it's done. If you find other bugs, please let me know. To install, just unzip anywhere, like d:\sag. Run sag.exe from Windows Explorer or create a desktop shortcut. Have fun!
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