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Brandon Cross bcross3286 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 17:07:08 EDT 2017

I've been working on the disk, and I have a question. I'm working on a word
processor for it, however, its proving to be annoying, since the ONERR
stuff isn't working the way I need it to. So, There have been quite a few
changes, and I wonder if I should release the revision now, sans the word
processor, or wait until its done.

The changes are, and I should probably start logging this stuff because I
don't know how much longer I can remember all this:

New custom output routines for both speaker and phmaker, courtesy of list
member Tony, modified by me to add backspace functionality. These make it
so that you can freely use commas and such without issue. This is useful in
phoneme mode because a comma followed by a number denotes a pause where the
length, from 1 to 9 is progressively longer. It's worth noting that while
the let arrow does work as a backspace, you cannot, I repeat, cannot recopy
the line with the right arrow, this works more like a modern computer where
backspace is backspace. I don't intend to fix that as I don't really see it
as a problem, but figured it is worth a mention.

In phmaker, it is now possible to repeat a string you entered by pressing
return again without inputting anything on the new line, for instance, if
you entered the string, "!2 '1pr&3$&1 at t2 it2", which by the way says I
appreciate it, if then press return, you will hear it, but if you press
return again, you will hear it again. This works so long as you haven't
input anything, or you backspace it out.

There is now a new program which will output the ascii values of any key
you press to the screen. This is helpful in writing your own programs if
you need to check a range of ascii values, or some such. I also want to
copy Fid to the disk as well. Anyway, let me know on whether or not to
release now, or wait until the word processor is done, which might take a

There are probably other changes I forgot.
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