[Blindapple] getting text out of an apple image

Jayson Smith jaybird at bluegrasspals.com
Mon Jul 24 21:03:08 EDT 2017


I echo what others have said. Select the file in the CiderPress main 
window, then hit tab. This will get you a read-only view of the text. 
This also works for Applesoft/Integer/SC Assembler listings. For binary 
files, the default view is a commented monitor-style disassembly 
listing. Ctrl+Home, Ctrl+Shift+End, Ctrl+C should then get that text 
onto the clipboard, where it can be pasted into any text editor.

If you're wanting to actually change what's in the file, as far as I 
know the only way to do this would be to extract the contents as above, 
modify it, save it as a text file, and import it into a disk image.

Hope this helps,


On 7/24/2017 6:18 PM, Jeff Weiss wrote:
> When using CiderPress, I see  how very useful it is to use cut and paste to move files from one disk image file to another.
> What I want to know—is there a way to take the text from an article in an apple text file and paste it into Notepad, or into any Windows drive?
> It certainly would come in handy to do so.
> thanks
> Jeff Weiss
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