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Tue Jul 11 11:58:32 EDT 2017

I've been trying to find dosEmu, but debian doesn't seem to have it in their repos.  Someone recommended something called qemu, but I haven't had the energy the last couple days to really fiddle with it.

On Jul 11, 2017, at 10:11 AM, tony at baechler.net wrote:

All I know is what I read. Maybe they don't allow new groups. I read they were closing groups or already did. I think the existing groups will be archived. The talking-dosbox group has been dead for months now. I thought about moving it, but I didn't create it in the first place and there seems to be almost no interest as usual. Most of my projects seem to be of no interest.


To give a more helpful answer and keep this somewhat on topic, I've been playing with MAME and doing some thinking. The .ini shipped with the Apple MESS package doesn't use full paths, so it should work as-is in Linux or with slight modifications. The version of MESS in the Apple package is 0.149 which is very old. MESS doesn't exist anymore. It merged with MAME. The current version of MAME is 0.187. The problem is it uses different ROMs, so the MESS package won't work, even on Windows. What you'd have to do is first get MAME 0.187 for Linux working. I think they provide precompiled binaries, but I have no idea about libraries and dependencies. I personally wouldn't install from Debian just because new releases come out so often. When you get it working, all you should need are the talking disks and ROM images.


I'm thinking about putting together a new release, but since Jayson did the work on the README and the initial package, I don't want to go against his wishes. He says he is going to put together a new package, but I don't mind helping. The current MESS package doesn't allow for upgrades. Copying the files over from MESS (.ini files and ROMs) to MAME won't work. There are 32-bit and 64-bit versions of MAME but no easy way to install what you want. My suggestion would be to redesign the package from scratch, but we'll see what Jayson wants to do. Also, finding the ROMs is very difficult.


Regarding DOSBox, I can't help you, but dosemu is almost certainly a better option on Linux. It definitely works with serial synths. You would need a DOS screen reader regardless.


> On 2017-07-11 07:23, Mark Peveto wrote:
> Google killed groups?  The vinux group is on google, and it still seems like it's working.  What the heck made 'em decide to kill groups?
> On Jul 9, 2017, at 10:54 AM, Tony Baechler <tony at baechler.net> wrote:
> The short answer to both is no. There was a group for Talking DOSbox but Google killed groups. You should be able to run both in Linux, but no one seems to know how. I know MAME won't work without X and I would guess dosbox is the same. You're better with dosemu in Linux anyway. MAME and MESS merged. The MESS Windows package won't work on MAME. Honestly, I don't care about running either on Linux so I haven't tried. Kyle, are you still here? He might have got MESS to work, but he runs Arch.
>> On 7/8/2017 11:08 AM, Mark Peveto wrote:
>> I've seen discussion about talking dosbox on this list before, which is the only reason I've sent this message here.
>> Has anyone had any success getting talking dosbox or the apple 2 ee imulater working in linux, specifically debian?
>> Thanks.
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