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As I recall, unless something came out later, Echo Words is designed for dos 3.3.
I don’t know that I ever used it with ProDos, but there is a demo of Echo Words in one of the issues of A Talk (formerly called Apple Talk.)
Also, at that time, for those of you using a real Apple computer, Echo Words would not work with the Cricket external synthesizer.

Jeff Weiss

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OK, so the echo words diskette isn't accessible, I can't switch disks either, what  I did try to do is boot up the ProDOS disk with the latest textalker on it, so in the emu, I put that in drive one, then I put echo word edit in drive two, once textalker started up, I cataloged disk two and ran the startup file on disk 2. It fails to load I am guessing because textalker is occupying memory blocks that echo words edit needs in order to function properly.

Anyway, if I've reached the wrong conclusion, please tell me, as I'd love to work this out. I do have some sight, so I may be able to use it still. I for instance, have been able to place words in the editor, and have the female voice speak them, but I need to save the wordlist, and copy that, and the way program to my disk, which, hopefully that would work because my disk is not ProDOS, its dos 3.3.

I'm very much new to this scene, my only previous experience being using the II GS in elementary school, and that at a very beginner level, not trying to program it, and copy stuff from disk to disk, etc. Mainly just playing games and writing in word processors.

I do have the speaker program set up to give you an introductory message, and you can now type quit to leave it, when doing it that way, it reverts your echo back to both mode, because if you simply interrupt the program with a control C, it does not do this, and you're still in output mode, and you can pr#0 all you want, and its not fixing the issue because echo is still in output, so you would manually need to enter a control E, B. This way, if you quit properly, it does that part for you. I need to do the same thing with phmaker. Then I'll distribute the disk, I didn't think anyone outside of me would be interested in it, to be honest.

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  Welcome to Blind-Apple. The disk you which want to improve sounds interesting. I hope you will share it in the future.



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  Hi, I'm Brandon and am new to the list. I'm messing around with this stuff later in life, although I had limited experience with the apple IIGS with the echo II in elementary school. I have created a disk with the programs from the manual which I want to improve upon. The programs are called speaker and phmaker. They're pretty self explanatory, in that speaker just allows you to input a string and have it repeated back,and phmaker allows you to do the same with the phoneme mode.  If any of you would like this disk, let me know. Hopefully I will be making improvements, including using the female speech to indicate that the loading has been completed, and read phonemes from text files, with a program that asks you for lines to read.

  I'm not very good with programming, so we'll see how far this actually gets.

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