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Jeff Weiss jeff-weiss at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jul 7 16:50:50 EDT 2017

I have not been able to get the switching disks command to work in the 

The thing that works for me with two dos 3.3 disks loaded is to:
1 type catalog,d2
This will show you a list of disks on drive 2 and leave you there. 
catalog,d1 of course changes back to drive 1--just like on a real Apple II e
2.  If you know the name of a program that you want to run on the other 
disk, you could type
run filename,d2 and that program will run and you would be changed to drive 
You do need the comma before d1 or d2.
I don't know that this would be useful for the emulator, but a slot 
designator ,s6 can also be used to change slots, so you could use
catalog     ,s6,d2 which isn't necessary if we are only using the slots for 
the 2 drives; however in ProDos, you could use
cat,s3,d2 to get to the ram disk if you have a version of Textalker modified 
by Larry Skutchan.  You could also use Cat /ram to do the same thing.

Also, reguarding integer basic, another way to change back to applesoft 
basic is to type the command
This stands for floating point because of the kind of numbers that can be 
worked with.  FP also clears any programs out of the AppleSoft memory area, 
returns himem and lomem to their normal values, and I believe it also 
changes the maxfiles value back to the normal of 3 files which can be opened 
at a time.

Jeff Weiss

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How do I switch disks in the emulator again? I haven't done that in a while.

Didn't it have something to do with save states, or is there another way
to do it now?


Bryan Mckinnish

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