[Blindapple] Hello

Brandon Cross bcross3286 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 4 20:45:45 EDT 2017

Hi, I'm Brandon and am new to the list. I'm messing around with this stuff
later in life, although I had limited experience with the apple IIGS with
the echo II in elementary school. I have created a disk with the programs
from the manual which I want to improve upon. The programs are called
speaker and phmaker. They're pretty self explanatory, in that speaker just
allows you to input a string and have it repeated back,and phmaker allows
you to do the same with the phoneme mode.  If any of you would like this
disk, let me know. Hopefully I will be making improvements, including using
the female speech to indicate that the loading has been completed, and read
phonemes from text files, with a program that asks you for lines to read.

I'm not very good with programming, so we'll see how far this actually gets.
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