[Blindapple] trouble with a couple disks

Jayson Smith jaybird at bluegrasspals.com
Sun Aug 6 22:55:52 EDT 2017


Amdos.dsk is useless under MESS/MAME using an Apple IIe, since it 
doesn't emulate any card that can handle 3.5 inch disks, and that is the 
whole purpose of AmDOS.

Some of those disks on my ancient website are presented just as they 
were imaged. All the disks in the set where apples.dsk was located have 
the Hello program that runs Textalker, sets the pitch to 12, sets the 
volume very low, adds a delay between words, and is in general annoying. 
I've fixed a few of these disks so their Hello programs are more 
reasonable, and they're included in the Messapple package. I have more, 
and some of what I have is duplicated by the newly-released Games disks 
from the A-Talk disk library.

Hope this helps,


On 8/6/2017 10:02 PM, Mark Peveto wrote:
> Hi folks, thought I'd mess with the emulator, so downloaded a couple  > disks.  amdos.dsk doesn't appear to talk at all, and apples.dsk has 
 > such a low volume it can't be understood.  Has anyone else noticed > 
this, or is it just me? > > > > Mark Peveto Registered Linux user number 
600552 Everything happens > after coffee! 
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