[Blindapple] the echo sings

Blake Roberts beroberts at hughes.net
Sat Aug 5 22:27:16 EDT 2017


Years ago I downloaded a recording of the Echo 2 synthesizer singing. Maybe
it was posted to this list, I don't remember. Although the MP3 played
correctly when I had Windows 7, for some reason it sounded too high-pitched
on Windows 10. So I lowered the pitch slightly. On my computer the Echo
singing Mp3 pitch is correct now. If the audio is too low-pitched on your
system try raising the pitch by 1.0 in an audio editor. Note that I did not
make the Echo sing, I just have a recording. If anyone is interested in a
demo of the 4 echo speech modes, I also found an MP3 of echo words demo at
the same time as the echo sings.mp3. I had to fix the pitch of that file
tonight as well for correct playback on Windows 10.


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