[Blindapple] emulator working on debian 9 also known as stretch

Blake Roberts beroberts at hughes.net
Tue Aug 1 19:10:34 EDT 2017

Congratulations on managing to get the Apple2E emulator working on Linux.
aTalk was a magazine for Apple2 computers published in the 1980's by Jeff
Weiss. He recently made a number of the magazines available, as well as some
programs he wrote.

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Hi folks,
Just wanted everyone to know that I've finally got the apple 2 e emulator
working on my debian 9 system.
I installed debian 9 thuis mornig, and had a try at Kyle's tarball.  Works
like a champ.
Now I can join the fun.
What was the atalk discussion i saw here earlier, and do I hafta use the
emulator to access them?
It's time to play!

Mark Peveto
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