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This is wonderful! Keep them coming! I've done a live demo of the emulator on my broadcasts, but I can easily done again for anyone who didn't catch it when I did it in 2013.
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  Attached is the zip file called
  Just place these files in your aTalk folder.
  I decided to send these before the last year’s issues of the aTalk magazine because they can be launched the same way as the first 16 issues of the magazine.
  The products mostly had talk in their name, so I decided to put the “aTalk” at the beginning of each disk name so that the batch files 
  At.bat and At2.bat could be used to launch each disk.
  The disks are named:


  There are 4 games, 2 courses, a disk of utilities, and a simple line-oriented word processor.
  So to launch 
  you could type
  at trivia
  or if you wanted trivia in disk 1, and yourOwnDisk.dsk in drive 2, you could type
  at2 trivia YourOwnDisk
  Remember with the At2 batch file, you need the whole disk name except for the .dsk extension for the second disk.
  Jeff Weiss


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