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Yes, I plan to send the rest of the programs that I wrote, and then I’ll start and do at least some of the disk library.
Some of the programs on the disk library disks have been modified by me, and some have not—but I think they all work pretty well.
I don’t know what all differences there are with the emulator, but I have found that only my left control key is recognized as control when working with the apple disks.  There may be other differences—such as the FP command seems to turn off integer basic, but when issued in AppleSoft, it usually results in an error.

Jeff Weiss

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Thanks, as always, for these. Do you plan to image other disks once Apple Talk is done?



On 7/30/2017 3:47 PM, Jeff Weiss wrote:

Attached is 
These are the 1988 issues of aTalk with a short description of what is on each disk.

               A-Talk #13, February, 1988
Transwarp Accelerator Card--hardware review
Cooling Down My Apple--hardware review
External Speaker--hardware review
Where can I Find--article
Lower Case DOS Commands--article about modifying DOS
Lower--the DOS patch
The ProDOS Type Command--article
Type--added ProDOS command
Music Box Dancer--music program
Factor Game--game
Wompus 2--game
Chemist--educational game
Memory Dump--utility

                  A-Talk #14, May, 1988
Sensible Speller Review--software review
Basic Differences--article about the two basics
Using Ram Works and Text Writer--how to article
The DOS 3.3 Motor Delay--article
The ProDOS Copy Command--article about adding command to ProDOS
Copy--external ProDOS command
Mad Libs--game
Dog Bite--game
Var Display--utility
Free Space--utility
About Address--program explanation
Eamon Adventures--list of DOS 3.3 Eamon adventures

                A-Talk #15, August, 1988
About Textalker--article about speech program
A-Talk Survey--reader survey
The Apple 2 Plus Computer--hardware review
Did You Know--article
GS Peeks and Pokes--article
Memory Challenger--game
Day of Week--calendar type program

               A-Talk #16, November, 1988
Colomns.doc--article explaining programs
Columns--DOS 3.3 utility
Columns.pro--ProDOS utility
Input without Typing--article about other input methods
Disappearing Rem Statements--programming technique for Basic
Federal Employee Needs Help--article
Survey Results--readers thoughts and suggestions
French Military Game--game
Calorie Counting Program--program
Reel Facts--database of academy awards
National Anthems--music program


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