[Blindapple] talking dos box pass it on

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Fri May 15 03:57:35 EDT 2015

For those who really, really don't like sendspace due to the ads and general
hassle, I would be glad to host this or anything similar, including any
magazines, Apple disk images, DOS games, etc.  If it talks and is related to
old software, I'm probably interested.  Even if it doesn't talk, if it's
somehow related, it's probably fine.  Anyone here may feel free to contact
me privately if you have something you want hosted or that you think might
be of interest.  If you want to share it but you don't want it hosted for
the public, that's fine too.  It's too bad that apparently the AT History
site died.  I'm especially interested in any and all magazines in any
accessible format, but anything having to do with computer history or old
software is fine.  <tony at baechler.net>

On 5/14/2015 1:05 PM, Josh K wrote:
> hi
> you all know about the mess emulator, you can play old apple 2 games? well
> guess what now we have talking dos box! this is the only list where i think
> this may be on topic.
> get talking dos box from here.
> the read me file
> http://pmsworld.tdrealms.com/tbreadme.html
> the program itself.
> http://pmsworld.tdrealms.com/talking_dosbox.7z
> and my own version with more games in it.
> https://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/9r9iih
> tomorrow or later tonight i will attempt installing wordperfect5.1 and lotus
> 123 into it. i also need help getting megadots 1.5C demo installed into it.
> thanks
> josh

Have a good day,
Tony Baechler
tony at baechler.net

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