[Blindapple] My Iphone5 Did Not Speak After Software Update This Afternoon, Help is much appreciated!

Fazil fzlmahmood30 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 04:44:10 EDT 2014

Hi, list.
I am using Iphone5 and I have upgraded to the latest IOS7X this afternoon. I did not upgrade it via Itune but directly with the phone. After the upgrade, however, the phone did not speak. I'm not sure whether the phone is on or not.
I connected it to Itune via my computer and Itune told me the battery status that was94% and then 96% a little later. I assume that the phone was on because Itune could report the battery status.
Secondly, When I turned my Plontronics Bluetooth headphone on, it told me that phone 1 is connected.
Since I am travelling out of country, thus my cellular services are turned off and I can not hear the phone ringing by calling myself.
Furthermore, My phone brightness is set to 20% and the screen curtain is off, thus, a sighted person is not sure whether the phone is on.
What should I do to get my phone talk again, please?
Your help is much appreciated.
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