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Jenny hannapaws at emissives.com
Wed Feb 19 14:56:08 EST 2014

Hi!  I just downloaded and ran the Apple Emulator program, and I like it a lot.  it brings back a lot of memories.  I would like access to the Drop box for this group.  Please send the request to 
hannaleahkoch at gmail.com
if possible.  I played Oregon Trail and Life Expectancy.  I survived the Trail, and was told I'd die at age 73.  Wow! Sometimes the speech stutters, but I can still understand it.  I'm wondering if all of the games are included with the package.  I think I downloaded the most recent one, but people were talking about a program called apple.exe, and I couldn't find that program in my package.  I found out about this program when somebody told me there was an emulator on a list to which I belong, and I did a Google search, and found this program.
Thank you so much for making it available.  I thought I had lost my ability to play these games forever when I stupidly gave my Apple 2E to a boyfriend a few years back, and he did who knows what with it.  Actually I think he sold it, got a GS and then let it be thrown out when he moved away.  So this is absolutely wonderful!    
Take care,
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