[Blindapple] Any interest in improved Eamon disks?

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Sun Feb 2 23:18:52 EST 2014


I have all of the official Eamon disk images, plus the official Eamon CD
which contains other odds and ends.  It can easily be downloaded from
eamonag.org.  My question is if anyone is interested in improved versions of
some of the older games.  Specifically, there are some bug fixes which
didn't make it into the official disk set but are outlined in the
newsletters.  Also, there is a set of speed-up mods which significantly
improve the speed of the games.  Surprisingly, a lot of the games below #100
don't have them and have been apparently neglected since their initial
release.  I've fixed a few of them, but not all.  If I'm the only one who
cares, I'll probably continue to work on them as I feel like it, but if
others are interested, I can start uploading the fixed disks as I get to
them.  They aren't intended to replace the official disk images as released,
but can be used instead for a better playing experience.

Also, I found that Eamon #243 loses speech at certain points because it uses
the chain utility which apparently disconnects Textalker.  I have fixed
this, but otherwise made no changes.  All one needs to do is execute PR#0 to
restore speech.  I'm generally not dealing with the ProDOS disks at all and
there are at least two ProDOS disks which won't work with Textalker no
matter what.  It appears that #29 is more trouble than it's worth to make it

If there is any interest, I'll probably just post the fixed disks to the
list rather than packaging and uploading them since they aren't technically
the "official" images and they are fairly small.  I'll leave it to someone
else to package them.  I might offer them to eamonag.org and see if they
want them as well.  I have played through the games I fixed, but as always,
no guarantees that they won't crash.  They seemed much better to me though.

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