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William Farewell wfarewel at twcny.rr.com
Wed Apr 2 23:47:34 EDT 2014

I am using window-eyes 5.0 with windows xp.
I tried running the apple emulator by doing the following.
It's really hard to help people with emulator issues when they don't give
specific steps to reproduce the problem.  I've been using the emulator for
months without problems, but I ran into an odd problem when I first started.
 In order, try these steps:
1. Completely delete the folder with the MESS emulator and disks in it.
Make sure to move the original zip file out of the way if needed.
2. Make a new folder and call it something simple, like c:\mess.
3. Unzip the package into the new folder you created.
4. Go to a command prompt and type the following:
mess apple2ee -flop1 disks\egames.dsk
You should hear a beep and it should boot.  After about 30 seconds, you
should get speech.  If not, go to the folder you created in step 2 and look
for the session.wav file, after first making sure the emulator is closed.
To close the emulator, press Scroll-lock and Escape.  You should be back at
the command prompt.
When I finished the stepps that were mentioned and pressed enter I got the 
following message:
mess is not recognized as an inturnal or exturnal command, opperable 
program, or batch file.
I hope this helps.
Thank you,
William Farewell
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> Hi,
> We need more information before we can answer your question. What 
> operating
> system and screen reader are you using? How are you trying to run the
> emulator? What is or is not happening when you try to run the emulator?
> If you get an error message, what is the message?
> Jayson
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>> Hello:
>> I tried the stepps that Tony outlined in his e-mail regarding the apple
> emulator, but I have been unsuccessfull with getting it to run.
>> Any advice you could provide would be a big help.
>> Thank you verry much,
>> William Farewell
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