[Blindapple] How to find what disk a file is on

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Sat Nov 16 04:46:52 EST 2013


This post reminds me of something.  How can one actually figure out what
games are on what disks without doing a catalog of every disk?  It can be
very confusing with DOS 3.3, ProDOS and Pascal all being thrown together.
Well, the answer is fortunately very simple.  It's called CiderPress.  Not
only can it manipulate almost all standard disk images, but it comes with a
tool specifically to catalog multiple disks.  If you're at all into Apple II
games and have a few dozen to a few hundred disk images around, this is
really a must-have tool.  I've found my experience with Apple emulation much
more pleasant with this tool.  Besides, you can browse every file on a disk,
even those which have protection in place to prevent listing, etc.  It's
very accessible and uses standard Windows dialogs.  It's also released as
free and open source under the BSD license, so you can port it to some other
platform if you want.  The only bummer is that it runs on Windows only, so
no Linux or Mac versions.  There is a library though which it's built upon,
so presumably someone could use it to build command line apps for other
operating systems.


To answer Josh's question, run MDC, the Multidisk Catalog tool and have it
catalog all of your disks.  It dumps the catalogs into a file.  Just use
Notepad to search for baseball and determine what disk it's on.  It couldn't
be easier once you're used to it.

On 11/15/2013 9:31 AM, Josh wrote:
> hi
> in the nfl football game on the monopoly disk is it possible to make the
> computer not play and instead type the name of an opposing team so you could
> play both teams? if so how because I cannot figure out how to do this.
> now to find the disk with the baseball game on it.
> thanks
> Josh

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