[Blindapple] Lots of material from Raised Dot Computing

Jayson Smith jaybird at bluegrasspals.com
Sat Nov 9 10:35:26 EST 2013

Hi all,

As some of you old timers may remember, back in 2004, I contacted David 
Holladay, requesting permission to distribute BEX 3.0 and Braille Edit 
2.45 on my website. He gave me permission, and sent me a CD-ROM 
containing lots of material relating to BEX, Braille Edit, other Raised 
Dot products, etc. Unfortunately, this version of the CD also contained 
other material he didn't want distributed, so I was unable to make it 

Recently, I contacted David again, to ask a few questions about 
Textalker, BEX, etc. He indicated he had an updated CD-ROM he could send 
me, and I requested it. I just received permission to make this version 
available for download.

So what's on the CD? Versions 2.1, 2.2, and 3.1 of BEX. Version 3.0 
seems to be missing. Lots of versions of Braille Edit. Several other 
Raised Dot products. Documentation for all this stuff. Source code for 
much of this stuff. A document giving some background on how BEX is 
programmed. All the Raised Dot newsletters. And, as they say, much, much 

To download this treasure trove, visit

I would like to make clear, as David made clear to me, that all the 
Raised Dot material is still copyright by David Holladay, but he's given 
me permission to distribute it. The first disk of BEX source code 
contains the program to properly copy protect a BEX disk, and the 
programming documentation file describes how the copy protection works.


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