[Blindapple] a weird textalker discovery

John Schucker gwynn at tds.net
Fri Nov 8 16:39:21 EST 2013

That's based on an old joke, I believe by George Bernard Shaw. gh is f, 
in tough. o is i, as women. ti is sh, as in station. Except Wikipedia 
tells me Shaw never said it, and apparently it was actually used to 
seriously advocate spelling reform of English. It doesn't work, because 
it's taking things out of context. For instance, the ti is never 
pronounced as 'sh' outside of the -tion suffix. Apparently OS X 10.6 did 
this too, though Wikipedia says "the synthesizer", so I'm not sure if 
that would just apply to Alex. I also don't know if any later version of 
OS X does it, though I'm running 10.7 so I can check that. So apparently 
Apple's continuing the tradition, even though they had nothing to do wit 
hthe first one.


On 11/8/2013 14:45, Byron Stephens wrote:
> This one's dating back to when I had an actual apple2e. When you typed 
> these letters, g h o t i without spaces, textalker would say fish, and 
> it even does that on the emulator as well.
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