[Blindapple] BEX 3.1

Jayson Smith jaybird at bluegrasspals.com
Sat Nov 2 05:13:30 EDT 2013

I've attached a copy of BEX 3.1 as a zip file. This should have the 
Textalker version 3.1.4. The reason for Textalker 3.1.4 is explained in 
the September/October 1990 RDC newsletter. Briefly, Street Electronics, 
the manufacturer of the Echo, was forced to redesign the Echo card 
because Texas Instruments discontinued the main speech chip used on the 
Echo. This redesign created problems when used on an Apple IIgs at fast 
speed. They created Textalker 3.1.4 to resolve this issue.

Before you get excited about BEX 3.1, I've tried it, and it doesn't boot 
talking under MESS. Probably something just slightly off with the Echo 
emulation. If you boot the disk, immediately hit Ctrl+C to interrupt the 
Hello program, load Textalker, then run Hello, it will boot talking.

Also, I've made it so attachments can be sent to this list, as long as 
the message size is one megabyte or less.


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