[Blindapple] more fun with the apple 2ee emulator on the mac

Joe Quinn jdawg1983 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 18:24:41 EDT 2013

now what’d i do? i know the file exists!
Last login: Fri Nov  1 17:20:33 on ttys000
server:~ kd0ess$ cd downloads/messapple-mac
server:messapple-mac kd0ess$ ./mess64 apple2ee -flop1 /disks/oregon.dsk
Device Apple Disk II load (/disks/oregon.dsk) failed: File not found
server:messapple-mac kd0ess$ 

sorry to be having to do all of this with everyone...
Joe Quinn
jdawg1983 at gmail.com

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