[Blindapple] Updated MESS emulator package

Rachel Keyte racheldk at tpg.com.au
Sat Aug 31 22:34:41 EDT 2013

So after heaps of help from Jayson, I finally got this up and running 
and it brings back so many memories, that's for sure.
Does anyone remember Word talk? I know you don't Jayson but it was 
the word processor I, and a lot of my blind peers use to use. You had 
two floppy disks, the first with the actual program and the second 
was the "data disk" that you'd have to insert to save all your work on too.
I just remember, when you'd go to a newline it would give two 
descending tones, and they would be reversed when you went back up a 
line in the document. :)


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