[Blindapple] Echo for Apple II GS?

Jayson Smith ratguy at insightbb.com
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Did the old Macs have the Reset key? As for any good Apple store, I had an 
interesting experience about ten years ago. I was looking for a cable to go 
between my GS serial port and my PC. I'd been told that a Mac serial cable 
would work, which I think is correct. So I called a local Mac store, The 
Complete Mac. The guy there didn't even know what an Apple 2GS was. He'd 
probably honestly never heard of it, and it had obviously been discontinued 
for so long that no record of it was in his computer system. I finally just 
bought a Mac serial cable from them, and it worked. So, if they didn't know 
what an Apple 2GS was back in 2000, you can bet nobody will know anything 
about it in 2010. Unless you just happen to talk to somebody who is an old 
Apple enthusiast or something.

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>I believe that, particularly the older Mac keyboards) will work for the GS.
> Basically all you need is that option key.  Also, I have used a Laser 
> keyboard
> and a Franklin keyboard that I put in a small enclosure.  Any good Apple 
> store
> will have the adapters to make them fit.
> Tom
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