[Blindapple] New list policy, buying/selling/trading

Jayson Smith ratguy at bellsouth.net
Tue Aug 22 07:33:13 EDT 2006

This message is being sent to, and is applicable to, both the Blindapple and
DECtalk discussion lists.  One certain person has posted, within the last
several months, a few completely off-topic posts regarding things they are
wishing to sell.  These messages are being held by Mailman and not being
sent, and I have been rejecting them because of their off-topic nature.  If
you are reading this, you know who you are.  The rest of you have only seen
one such post, since that's all I ever let through because of the off-topic
nature of the posts.  So here is the new policy.
I encourage buying, selling and trading on these lists, as long as the items
being bought, sold or traded are appropriate for the list where the messages
are posted.  For Blindapple, this means anything Apple II related, including
computers, extra hardware such as disk drives, circuit cards of every kind
and nature, Apple II software, etc.  For the DECtalk list, this means
anything DECtalk related, hardware or software, accessories for DECtalk
hardware such as transformers, batteries, cables and adaptors for the
DECtalk Express and so on.  Anything speech synthesizer related but not
specificly DECtalk related is a grey area but I'd tend to allow those posts.
Off-topic for both lists are posts about buying/selling/trading anything not
related to the topic of the lists.  This means, for Blindapple, a Braille
printer isn't on-topic just because you could hook it up to an Apple, and
for the DECtalk list, an older computer system isn't on-topic just because
you could stick a DECtalk card in it.  All this having been said, I do not
mind prices being posted for items being sold, as long as the items
themselves are on-topic.
I would also like to stress that I take absolutely no responsibility for any
transactions or the results of such transactions conducted via these lists
in any way.  When you enter into such a transaction, you are doing so
completely at your own risk.  All terms of sale, payment, shipping/pickup,
returns, etc. are completely between seller and buyer.

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