[Blindapple] Domain name for the Blindapple site and list?

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Thu Oct 13 10:24:08 EDT 2005

I realize that, as a lurker, not being blind (at least not with my glasses
on...) though I grew up partially deaf (a surgery changed that a few years
ago), but absolutely loving (still) my old Apple IIe, I should probably keep
my mouth shut.

However, a warning about the name blind-apple.com <http://blind-apple.com>.
Beware of any domain with a hyphen... While it looks cleaner, when you try
to actually *say* the name it can be abit confusing... A friend of mine
recently tried to tell another person of
(a site he created and currently resides on his server). This is a
paraphrased transcript of the one-sided conversation i heard through the

"sure, one of the sites I made was the local company I used to work at. Go
to strategic...."
*pauses listening*
"Yup, s - t - r - a - t - e - g- i - c. Dash dat....."
"No no, dash, not underscore...."
"I don't understan... oh! No, not the slash key.. dash... the one between
the zero and equal-sign..."
"Right, dash data dot com..."

I think he was talking to someone that wanted him to do their website and
wanted to see some stuff he'd already done. Just a warning, while in most
cases, it is understood, it can sometimes be vaguely confusing to people
unused to typing in URL addresses...


On 8/9/05, Jayson Smith <ratguy at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I know for an absolute fact that in late November of last year RC was
> still
> selling some Apple cards. I got a Doubletalk for Christmas.
> Unfortunately I can't help you with Appleworks as I never used that. If
> you
> do have a Doubletalk, it should also be able to emulate the popular Echo
> speech synthesizer developed by Street Electronics. The Echo uses software
> called Textalker as its driver. If you'd like a copy to test out, and can
> handle disk images, let me know and I can point you at a disk image.
> Actually, any of the "talking" disks at http://jaybird.no-ip.info/diskshave
> Textalker already on them, so can be used to test Echo functionality.
> Jayson.
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> Subject: Re: [Blindapple] Domain name for the Blindapple site and list?
> > Jayson Smith wrote: What type of speech synthesizer card do you have?
> > Also, what type of Apple do you have?
> >
> > I'm not exactly sure which card I have, it's either a Double talk or a
> > slot buster. I purchased it from R C Systems quite a while back, and I
> > have it in a bag on a shelf. Ok, I'm pretty sure it is the double talk
> > card. At that time I was also still able to get the Apple works
> > modification software.
> >
> > This was a couple years ago and I've never done anything with it other
> > than make it say a few choice words. (I didn't have Apple Works 3 at
> > the time.) Does anyone know if the software will work or can be made to
> > work with Appleworks 5? I was afraid of damaging my Version 5 disks.
> >
> > Lemme look up the web site.
> > http://www.rcsys.com/index.htm
> >
> > Hmm, according to A2 Central in July of 2003 RC systems was still
> > selling the Double talk and slot-buster cards. Today their web site
> > reveals no reference to their old products.
> >
> > Thankx,
> > Ed
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