[Blindapple] Important message! Spammer kicked off the list!

Jayson Smith ratguy at bellsouth.net
Tue Oct 4 15:43:49 EDT 2005

Hello everyone,
This morning, I woke up to find that a spammer had sent an Email to the
blindapple-owner address, then proceeded to subscribe to the list!  I only
realized recently that this person could have accessed the member list,
which makes this message extremely important for all members.  They never
posted anything to the list, but needless to say they have been removed and
banned from ever joining the list again.  If a similar address joins again
I'll be forced to either keep banning addresses or domains or take the
completely unwanted step of requiring moderator approval of all subscription
requests to keep this from happening again.
Unfortunately, the membership list was available to all subscribers at the
time this happened.  This has since been fixed, and someone would have to
know the list Admin password to get the list now.  Because of this, your
name and/or Email address may have been exposed to this person.
Important!  If you receive any Email from jennimar888 at tsamail.co.za  or, for
that matter, any other spam Email, ignore it!  Delete it!  Do not reply, and
do not get tempted into thinking some scam they are proposing might work!
This person's original Email to me had something to do with me safeguarding
some money this person had received.  Obviously this is some sort of scam
and should be avoided!  You know, I'm really sorry it has come to this.  I
mean, to actually subscribe to a list requires a confirmation, which means
that either spam bots have gotten very advanced, advanced enough to look
through incoming mail and follow confirmation links, or there was actually a
human at the other end of that address who confirmed.  If there was, in
fact, a human responsible for confirming, it's quite likely that the
membership list was accessed, I have no way to find this out.  Needless to
say, that will never happen again.

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