[Blindapple] Interview with Woz

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Sun Nov 28 10:44:33 EST 2004

Hi.  This is not specifically related to Apple II use by the blind, but 
some of you might find it interesting.

On KFI AM 640 in southern California, US, there is a weekly tech show.  On 
November 14, he interviewed Steve Wozniak, the inventor of the Apple 
II.  If you're interested in hearing what he sounds like, you can go to 
this link and get the file.  I have not listened to the interview and it is 
at least somewhat Mac oriented, but you might find it interesting just the 
same.  If nothing else, it's nice to know what he sounds like.  The second 
link is to the directory of all available mp3 files.  I like the show and 
he does a good job of explaining various computer things.  He does Windows, 
Linux, Mac, PDA, or anything else, so give it a listen if you like tech stuff.


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