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Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Thu Nov 25 10:09:43 EST 2004

Hi.  Yes, I'm almost positive that I have a real disk with the newer 
Textalker.  It was one of the last disks I had, in around 1992 or so, so 
I'm reasonably sure it would still work.  The problem is that I have no 
idea which disk it was or whether it was for DOS 3.3 or ProDOS.  It seems 
to me that it was ProDOS and came with my copy of ProWords.  Initially, I 
had no idea it was different.  The only way I found out was by playing in 
Applesoft and noticing that little things were spoken differently, such as 
the question mark being spoken with some punctuation when it didn't used to 
do that.

My ProWords was on two disks and only included ProWords and Davex.  It did 
not have ProTerm or any other programs.  The Davex was a demo and 
incomplete.  It must have had basic.system but I can't swear to that.  That 
was another thing, it spoke the slash too when I don't think it used 
to.  Yes, I'm 99% positive that those disks work because last time I looked 
at my Apple stuff I played with them for awhile and they booted up 
fine.  They were probably the very last disks I got, plus I made tons of 
backups, so I'm sure I still have a good set somewhere.  Now, if I could 
only get a real Apple which doesn't take so much space.

At 04:01 AM 11/25/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>Do you still have a real disk with the newer Textalker, in among your real
>Apple stuff in storage?  Or is it one of those that went bad on you?  I'd
>love to see this too!

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