[Blindapple] The gs is talking!

Jayson Smith ratguy at bellsouth.net
Wed Nov 24 12:53:37 EST 2004

I usually stick my Echo card in slot 4.  Aaron can't do that, as there's a
transwarp there.  Slot 5 is probably not a good choice for GS owners as
that's where the internal 3.5 smart port is mapped.  Here is the complete
mapping of slots to the GS ports
Slot 1 = built-in printer port
Slot 2 = built-in modem port
Slot 3 = built-in 80 column text display
Slot 4 = built-in mouse port
Slot 5 = built-in 3.5 disk controller
Slot 6 = built-in 5.25 disk controller
Slot 7 = built-in Appletalk networking support
I think slot 7 defaults to "your card" but Aaron has a
SCSI card there so that's not an option.

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> You probably want to get that Doubletalk card out of slot #1 as that will
> a number of problems with other stuff.  Even with Textalker that's not the
> default slot and you may need to modify the program to default to it.
> slot #4 or #5 is used.
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