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g_brennantg at TITAN.SFASU.EDU g_brennantg at TITAN.SFASU.EDU
Wed Nov 24 12:35:01 EST 2004

Jason, I havn't even messed with ADT at this point.  I've had too much going on.
I'm going to be out of town so it won't happen for awhile.

Because that disk is to be used in pascal I don't remember if its readable
without running pascal itself.  I think it is but I don't actually know if it
will image.  I'll see and if nothing else can send you a copy snail mail.


P.S. I have the entire latest version of the GS Textalker.  Its two 3.5 disks
with one being manuals and the other the program and launcher etc. along with
the stuff that loads everything in to ram.


Tom Brennan  KD5VIJ, CCC-A/SLP
web page http://titan.sfasu.edu/~g_brennantg/sonicpage.html

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