[Blindapple] The gs is talking!

Aaron Howell aaron at kitten.net.au
Tue Nov 23 19:18:53 EST 2004

Hi there,
Just to let you all know,
My birthday has finally come around and I've been allowed to have the Doubletalk.
Its in, and all works just fine (in both Slotbuster and Echo speech mode).
Textalker gs has been tested, as has the utility disk that came with the unit,
and scat/proscat will probably get a test out tonight as will bex.
Wow its good to be back in the apple 2 world.
Rachel, if you're still on-list and you want that talking games disk imaged so it can be shared,
get in touch with me off list and I'll give you an address to send it to.
(I should have pc connectivity happening over the weekend, I hope).
For those considering a Doubletalk, get them while they're hot.
They do arrive, and they do work.
you can email randy directly at randyc at rcsys.com (I have no idea how many are left though).

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