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Ok, I just got back from vacation so this has probably been covered time and
time again, but here goes.
First of all, Linux is a totally different operating system.  Unlike Windows
which runs on top of DOS, Linux is its own thing.  You can not usually have
DOS and Linux together on one partition of a hard drive, and even when you
can, only one can be running.  E.G. if you use loadlin to load Linux from
DOS, DOS is no longer running.  There is a program written for Linux called
Dosemu which is a DOS emulator.  Just like A2 is an Apple II emulator,
Dosemu runs MS-DOS programs.
As for software, your existing DOS software will not work natively under
Linux.  However, there are lots of programs which have been written for it.
As far as screen readers go, I use one called Speakup.  This brings me to
cost.  Linux is open-source.  That means that the source code for Linux,
that is, those files of code which are used to make it, and all of its
programs, is made available.  People are encouraged to obtain copies,
distribute them, and in many cases, even modify the code and distribute
their modified versions.  Therefore, there is no cost for Linux itself.  You
may pay something for a prepackaged set of CDs of one particular
distribution but there's usually another option for getting them at no
charge.  For example, when I first started out, I wanted to use Debian, one
particular Linux distribution.  I could have bought a set of Debian CD's but
instead I used my DSL Internet connection to download the CD images and burn
them to CDs myself.  Thus all it cost me to obtain the software was the time
needed for download and the CDs used.
Hope this helps!

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> This is slightly off of the discussion of apple Ii's.  However, Jason
> mentioned that the list was running on a linux server.  I would like to
> know more about Linux as an operating system.  Is it as simple as ms
> dos?  Can  you use your braille translation programs like Duxbury and
> tele-communications programs like telix on Linux?  I have heard that
> youhave to set up your colonel.  Is there a system one canpurchase where
> it is already set up?   What about your screen reader?  Currently, in
> dos I am using Asap as a screen reader with a litetalk synthesizer.  If
> some one wants to write me privately at my address rather than putting
> this on the list I would appreciate it.  Tom.
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