[DECtalk] A DECtalk song I've made

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Hi Blake,


I’m glad you like the DECtalk song. No, I’m not at all a member of the band. Gasolin’ was an old band from the 70’s. You can hear the original song on youtube here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESWg3LREby4 <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESWg3LREby4&list=LLGGLRBiAnn9TYYNpll5QcPA&index=662> &list=LLGGLRBiAnn9TYYNpll5QcPA&index=662


I used a Yamaha Tyros4 keyboard for the music, and I bought the midifile from midispot.com.


I uploaded the song as a wav-file, because I’m totally lossless-freak, and try to avoid mp3-files. However, I can upload it as a flac-file insteat, if you’d like that.


Best regards:

Aksel Christoffersen


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Hi Aksel,
I am very impressed with the new song you made using Dectalk! To me, The midi file sounds like an actual backup track. Are you a member of the band? I definitely like the lyrics and music style.  I am also impressed that you know how to do harmony in Dectalk. Wow!
Curiosity question: Is htere a reason you uploaded the song as a wave filei nstead of MP3?

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First, I find a backing track, or use a midi file. It depends of which I think sounds best. Then, I guess on what the tempo is, and start to write the DECtalk phoneme times so it matches with the tempo. I then continue and write maybe 4 lines of the song with DECtalk, and then start the music, and press play in DECtalk at the right moment, so the DECtalk plays along with the music, to test if it syncronise perfect with the music. If it’s good, I just continue writing the DECtalk song. If it doesn’t, I adjust the phonemes until it’s as I like.


Best regards:

Aksel Christoffersen


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wow how do you do that?


Den 2019-06-28 kl. 11:15, skrev Aksel Leo Christoffersen:



Well, I’ve made this song called This Is My Life for DECtalk. It’s writen by a danish band called Gasolin’, but the lyrics are in english. The music is a midi-file played through my keyboard.


I would love to hear what you think about it.


Here it is:





Best regards:

Aksel Christoffersen


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