[DECtalk] I found some old interesting DECtalk stuff, and some questions

Tom Kopec w1pf at comcast.net
Wed Jun 26 07:24:22 EDT 2019

DECTalk-PC (both versions) were ISA bus devices. If I recall, the driver 
could sprout a fake COM port for application access.

In the mid-1990s we had kicked around the idea of a PCI version of 
DECTalk-PC.. but the DECTalk Express was serving the hardware market 
well, and we decided to take advantage of PC performance increases and 
focus on a software-only solution.

My foggy recollection is that the last version of DECTalk developed 
within DEC/Compaq was 4.3 ... I left when the product line moved to 
Fonix, and have had very limited contact with it since then.


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