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Blake Roberts beroberts at hughes.net
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Are the MITalk/KlatTalk recordings you shared from the speech synthesis
collection created by Dennis Klat? They sound familiar to my ears.
When I  shared the first generation dectalk.mp3 audio, I was not aware  that
the first generation file was a prank.

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The early DECtalk did not sound that terrible. The MIT MITalk system from
1979 is recognizable in this recording as the DECtalk ancestor it is:


The Klattalk system from 1983 was the immediate predecessor of DECtalk and
is indistinguishable from the early DECtalk as can be heard in this




> On Oct 31, 2017, at 4:09 PM, Jake Gross <datajake at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> About that recording. I emailed Patrick Perdue several months ago
> about that because that recording was part of a 7z archive of
> productions he has. The first generation DECtalk  was actually a
> prank. He used a DECtalk express, compressed the recording with lpc,
> and used manual stressing and incorrect phonemes
> Speaking of old versions of DECtalk, I was able to get DECtalk 1.8 and
> DECtalk 2.0 running in the mame emulator.
> I uploaded an archive that contains mame and the DECtalk rom.
> http://grossgang.com/utilities/mame0184b_64bit.7z
> To start the emulator, open a command prompt and open the directory
> where mame was extracted.
> Type mame64 dectalk and press enter to start DECtalk 2.0. To start the
> emulator with DECtalk 1.8, type mame64 dectalk -bios 1.
> You will have to press enter twice after you execute the command. If
> all goes well, you should here the DECtalk startup message. To have
> DECtalk speak your own text, just type your text and press enter
> twice.
> On 10/31/17, Blake Roberts <beroberts at hughes.net> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> On Jake Gross's AnyAudio page, I found a recording of the Dectalk first
>> generation. I am sharing the MP3 for anyone who has not heard the
>> before. As the attached recording says, Dectalk was still in development
>> 1979. Compared to later versions of Dectalk, the first generation Dectalk
>> definitely sounds different.
>> Blake
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