[DECtalk] Dectalk first generation

Jake Gross datajake at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 19:09:26 EDT 2017

About that recording. I emailed Patrick Perdue several months ago
about that because that recording was part of a 7z archive of
productions he has. The first generation DECtalk  was actually a
prank. He used a DECtalk express, compressed the recording with lpc,
and used manual stressing and incorrect phonemes
Speaking of old versions of DECtalk, I was able to get DECtalk 1.8 and
DECtalk 2.0 running in the mame emulator.
I uploaded an archive that contains mame and the DECtalk rom.
To start the emulator, open a command prompt and open the directory
where mame was extracted.
Type mame64 dectalk and press enter to start DECtalk 2.0. To start the
emulator with DECtalk 1.8, type mame64 dectalk -bios 1.
You will have to press enter twice after you execute the command. If
all goes well, you should here the DECtalk startup message. To have
DECtalk speak your own text, just type your text and press enter

On 10/31/17, Blake Roberts <beroberts at hughes.net> wrote:
> Hi all,
> On Jake Gross's AnyAudio page, I found a recording of the Dectalk first
> generation. I am sharing the MP3 for anyone who has not heard the recording
> before. As the attached recording says, Dectalk was still in development in
> 1979. Compared to later versions of Dectalk, the first generation Dectalk
> definitely sounds different.
> Blake

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