[DECtalk] DecTalk Archive hosting

Ulysses Harmony Garcia green_gables_fan33 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 8 04:26:26 EDT 2017

Hello all,
I remember someone telling me about the DECtalk archive back in 
2008-2010, or perhaps I found it through the DECtalk site Brandi and 
Louis Bryant of BrailleSoft had linked. Since that point on, I remember 
downloading various DECtalk files made by other artists. I don't 
remember how exactly I heard about the actual FTP version which had 
HTaccess files in Apache. I think I remember doing a Google search back 
in 2013 that had led up to me finding out about
Bluegrass Pals or something, and I ended up subscribing to this list. 
Since then, I was able to download the entire DECtalk archive onto my 
hard drive when one of the list members put it up on their BT Sync 
folder. That was back in 2014. Since then, I haven't kept up to date 
with the archive, so I don't know if any files have been added, edited, 
or removed. The only copy I have is one I had kept on my external hard 
drive. I've organised it a little bit, removing any duplicate files or 
renaming some files to something that would make more sense.
I've done most of the work on my own. I first began with a Windows
virtual private server at http://www.vps.net/ but I was not able to set
up the web server, database server and PHP to work on-line, except
through Localhost. I wasn't able to use Internet Information Services
IIS either, so I gave up and cancelled my server. Fortunately, I kept my
account active, so I could come back to it when I wasn't overwhelmed.
As primarily being an extroverted person, I get energy from working with
other people rather than working alone, yet for some reason, I've
encountered a lot of people who think that being too dependent on others
was a bad thing, that being completely independent was the best way to
go. I disagree with that. I mean, I can see why some people wouldn't
want to be too dependent on others for fear of taking too much of
someone's time or being too clingy, etc, or taking advantage of said
person, but I also believe that there needs to be a balance in helping
others and being self-reliable. This is where interdependence comes in.
So in September, I finally found a fellow who turned out to be someone I
knew by reputation, and he offered to spend his free time in helping me
out, especially since he has had plenty of experience in working with
virtual private servers and web hosting. By that time, I was a little
more knowledgeable to talk to others on this form about this topic.
I told him a little bit of what I've hoped to accomplish, and what I
have done so far, and how much experience I've already had. In 2010
through 2013, I worked on building an HTML 4.1 and 5 project in high
school using Notepad, and in 2013, I used CSS 3 to enhance it when I
took a college class in web development.
What I would like to do at this point is learn about any previous setup 
anyone here on this list has used to host the DECtalk archive. From my 
understanding, since there is a mailing list, I am curious to know if it 
is being hosted by Cpanel on CentOS, since Cpanel is not supported on an 
Ubuntu VPS, or if this list is being hosted by a shared hosting company 
that won't let you access the server using an SSH client like Putty or 
Secure CRT--they only let you use FTP or SFTP to upload and download 
files. If someone has used an FTP server on a VPS, did you use Samba or 
some other kind of FTP package? I am interested in hosting the DECtalk 
archive and link it to my web site or WordPress site.
If anyone has any suggestions or answers to my question I would greatly 
appreciate it.
Thanks! :-)

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