[DECtalk] It works, here's the actual E-mail

Jake Gross datajake at gmail.com
Wed May 24 21:44:13 EDT 2017

I am a screen reader user, and I was able to type some text in the
edit box and click the download button.
By the way, I found another version of dectalk.
Actually, someone sent it to me in a skype chat.
I will paste the message below.
Start of message
Hey, how've you been. Great newes, I found a new version of DECtalk
out in the wild, and it's an entirely new version. Well, not entirely
new, but this version is an update to an existing version that we
have, specifically 4.60 This version was gotten from none other than
drum roll Force Computers, the guys who brought us Frogland DECtalk
4.61. I was only able to get US English and Latin American Spanish
from their site using Archive.org. I could try to get other versions
if I went to different time periods. According to the About Speak
dialog box, it's version 4.60, build 109. I made some minor changes to
these packages. The first change was that I enabled the menu to export
the text as WAV. The last minor change I made was that in the Latin
American Spanish demo, the default voice it used was set to Harry on
startup, so I modified the demo.la file in notepad by putting [:np] at
the beginning, so instead of hearing Harry when you first start up the
Spanish speak window, you should hear Paul instead.
End of message
This version sounds like a cross between 4.60 and 4.61.

Download link:

On 5/24/17, 7coil(); <admin at moustacheminer.com> wrote:
> A screenreader version of this E-mail can be found here:
> https://gist.githubusercontent.com/lepon01/94786fe1ea96033a4ca7d6f03ebd8e6f/raw/29c5686c7cf14a8aaf71d7e594d7ddadaf9b17ef/email.dectalk.txt
> A bunch of us in Discord (a chat client for Gamers, kinda like Skype) have
> noticed that Snoopi Botton's website (theflameofhope.co) is not loading for
> us.
> This highlighted our concerns that the DECtalk community is built on top on
> websites that aren't being maintained, including but not limited to:
>    - https://msu.edu/
>    - https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1323522
>    - https://www.reddit.com/r/DecTalk/
>    - http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2859772
> I've set up my own website to counteract this, at
> *(https://talk.moustacheminer.com/
> <https://talk.moustacheminer.com/>)*.
> I hope I can bring DECtalk back to life with an online web application and
> an easy to search library. (sorry about jQuery)
> This project is built for people who are interested in DECtalk, like the
> Moonbase Alpha community, so is currently not friendly to screenreaders. It
> is also done in my spare time as a 16 year old going through exams
> If anyone has any suggestions, like to add features or add songs to my
> database, just pop an email back through (somehow, I don't know how these
> mailing groups work)
> *7coil, admin at moustacheminer.com <admin at moustacheminer.com>*
> Sidenote:
> This is just a cool project scraped together using node.js, a "legitimate"
> Windows 7 installation and a piece of software downloaded from
> theflameofhope.co before it went down. (isn't all of the software around
> DECtalk "legitimate"?)
> If there are any issues, or if you want to contribute code, please go to
> the following link, which is the code base for the entire webpage
> https://github.com/moustacheminer/FonixBot

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