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Blake Roberts beroberts at hughes.net
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I know about the share to Twitter feature of Diddy. I don't have a Twitter
account. It amazes me the number of voices available and how fast the
conversion from words to song is done by Diddy.




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You can get a much higher quality recording of ditties by sharing them to
Twitter, then using Youtube-DL to download the resulting Twitter video URLs.
That's the only way I know of to get a first generation copy. As played
through Amazon Echo, a lot of treble is lost.

I, too, wonder what voices they're using to sing. The fact that it can sing
whatever you throw at it means they're not using a huge library of samples
or something.


On 1/28/2017 3:08 PM, Blake Roberts wrote:

I received an Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas. I learned today that my Echo
now has a new feature called Diddy. If I speak a short message, it is
converted into a song sung by computerized voices with background music. The
voices and music are selected at random. I can change the song, if I need
to, until I find a voice/melody I like. I have created a few diddies using
the Diddy skill on my Amazon Echo Dot. I recorded them onto my computer
using a line-in cable. Does anyone want to hear my diddies? The voices are
not Dectalk. I don't know if they are proprietary, created by the Diddy
company which made the Echo Dot skill available.

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