[DECtalk] Questions regarding Dectalk USB purchase

Darrin Porter darrin.porter at united-mar.com
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   It's been several years ago, but I purchased a DecTalk USB from Access
Solutions using a credit card over the phone.  I had no problems with this
purchase.  Several dayslater, I think less than a week, after making the
call, the unit arrived via UPS.

As for the unit itself, don't buy it expecting for it to sound like either
the DecTalk PC or Express.  It does not!  As a matter of fact, I don't think
it sounds anywhere close to as good as those older synths--but that's just
my personal opinion.  Not surprising, really since I've been using DecTalk
PCs and Expresses since the early '90s and am very used to them.


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 Hi all,
This email is intended primarily for list members who have purchased a
Dectalk USB. I recently decided that I want to buy one. My first thought was
access Solutions, the manufacturer. I was told that Access Solutions
 accepts credit card orders by phone, not the Internet. I initially agreed
to this. However, prior to making a purchase, I realized giving my credit
card info via phone to a company with whom I have not done business with
previously is a very bad idea.

A few questions:
1. What vendor did you purchase Dectalk USB from?
2. What is your opinion of the vendor in terms of trustworthiness?
3. Were you satisfied with the product you received?

Feedback from Dectalk USB purchasers regarding my questions would
be appreciated as it might help me make a Dectalk USB purchase decision.
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