[DECtalk] hello all

Flint Million fmillion at gmail.com
Mon Jan 1 23:41:16 EST 2007

Hello everyone, Some of you know me well from my Vocal Writer work.
Right now my site's offline because I've had some serious server
troubles, but I know many of you want it back up and I'm working on
that. I'm also having to instate some bandwidth limiting because I had
people running multithread downloaders and eating up my entire
bandwidth. The site will be at http://speech.themillionweb.net when
it's back - but don't try just yet, I'll let everyone here know.

I also have been very busy working on a small business so I haven't
had much time to code lately but I've started to again take an
interest in singing synths. I'll probably be pushing out some more
vocalwriter work soon. Anything on my site is coded by myself using my
trusty iBook G3 laptop running the VocalWriter OS X version.
Unfortunately, speech users *still* can't use it even with Voice over,
because it's just a direct port of the OS 9 version so most of the
controls are still too custom. But if you're a large print user, the
built in magnifier of OS X will suit you fine. I'd be glad to try to
help get people started who want to code who have low vision and can
use screen enlargement (and who own a Mac!).

Open for comments/requests! :)

Flint Million

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